Training on project management methodology and tools

The management of any project, regardless of nature or scope, requires a solid foundation. In other words, the success of your project is based on a structured methodology and the tools necessary for project management. By learning the key steps in project management, you will be able to build a realistic timeline and plan to ensure that your goals are met.

GPBL Projectwise offers training in project management that revolves around theoretical presentations and the application of knowledge in a real-world context. The contribution of the other participants and the feedback from the trainer will inform you in your project management processes. Get ready for exciting, hands-on training that will reveal all the secrets about project management concepts and tools!



Jean-Noël Routhier, MGP, PMP

Vice-president of GPBL Projectwise and corporate trainer, Jean-Noël Routhier, MGP, PMP, has more than 300 courses to his credit. He shares with you the methodology he has developed to help organizations improve efficiency and performance. Thanks to his know-how and experience in the field, Jean-Noël knows exactly how to get each company to adopt best practices in project management to generate the expected results.

Claude Palmarini

Claude Palmarini, PMP

With more than 25 years of team leadership and organizational change, Claude Palmarini is known for her training interventions adapted to the business reality of the participants. Her passion for project management allows her to popularize the concepts in a way that facilitates learning through clear explanations and concrete examples. Competent and attentive to the participants, Claude has all the tools to promote good project management in business.

Training objectives

Have a structured and integrated project management methodology

Understand the steps of project management and learn about the key principles of good project management

Concretely structure one of your projects using a simplified project management plan model

Target audience for training

This training is aimed at professionals who work in the management of small or medium-sized projects in private companies, municipalities or public and parapublic institutions.

Do you manage large-scale projects that require input from multiple stakeholders? Check out our training on complex project management.


Training on project management concepts and tools takes place at your offices or at
the location of your choice (e.g., dedicated conference room).

Also available Online.

Training program

The training focuses on an educational program that implements the methodology and tools of work in project management.

  • Presentations outlining the processes and tools needed for project management

  • Application of project management methodology in a project familiar to the participant

  • Call for input from other participants and teamwork

  • Trainer’s feedback and supplements

Material provided

Participants must bring a laptop to attend this project management training. During the project management training, we provide the following materials to each participant:

Printed copy of trainer’s presentations

Project management exercises

Simplified project management plan model


Simplified project management plan model included

Personalized coaching by the trainer for further project planning (within one month of training)


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