The management of any project also involves risk management. Whether positive or negative, risks have an impact on project objectives. It is therefore essential to know how to identify eminent risks that could alter, delay or even jeopardize the project’s completion. To do this, there are various tools and techniques that have a proven track worth of project risk management.

Avec sa formation spécialisée sur la gestion des risques, GPBL Penser Projet vous donne accès à des instruments reconnus pour mieux gérer vos projets d’entreprise. Vous apprendrez entre autres à mesurer l’incidence des risques sur l’un des projets que vous menez actuellement. Les interventions du formateur et le travail d’équipe avec les autres participants vous aideront à concrétiser vos apprentissages théoriques en techniques efficaces sur le terrain. De quoi transformer votre vision négative du risque dans un projet en une vision beaucoup plus positive basée sur la confiance!



Jean-Noël Routhier, MGP, PMP

With a master’s degree in project management and a PMP® certification, Jean-Noël Routhier has more than 20 years of experience in training and consulting for project management in companies. Thanks to his career as a logistics officer specializing in procurement and transport at the Valcartier military base, Jean-Noël has successfully led various major projects. He now shares his expertise as a partner in GPBL Projectwise and trainer to help companies effectively manage the risks associated with their projects.

Claude Palmarini

Claude Palmarini, PMP

With more than 25 years of team management, Claude Palmarini draws on her know-how and experience to train professionals on project risk management. It values integrity, transparency, respect and mutual assistance to humanize project management. Thanks to her PMP certification® and her high degree of autonomy, Claude offers a structured training adapted to the business reality of each participant.


Understand the concept of risk in a project, the relevance of measuring its occurrence and impact, and its involvement in different areas and situations

Understand key techniques and instruments for managing a project’s risk

Be able to propose strategies to educate management and project team about the importance of integrating project risk management


This project management risk training is for anyone with the responsibility to plan and conduct projects of varying complexity and scope.


This private training on project risk management takes place at your offices or the location of
your choice (e.g., dedicated conference room).

Also available online.


The 2-day training focuses on the immediate implementation of the risk management theory in business projects.

  • Presentation on risk management concepts, processes and tools

  • Application of the proposed method and instrumentation using situations specific to each participant

  • Call for input from other participants and teamwork

  • Trainer’s feedback, summary and additions


Participants must bring a laptop to attend this project risk management training. During the project risk management training, we provide the following materials to each participant:

Trainer’s presentation document

Printed copy of trainer’s presentations

Risk management exercises

Risk registry model


Field experience of the project risk management trainer

Communication and risk management module

Personalized coaching by the trainer in the month following the training to answer your questions about risk management in your project

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