Training oriented on Portfolio Management

Did you know that 12% of project investments have been wasted by organizations over the past 5 years? However, project managers are not totally at fault in this case. Achieving investment goals requires the right project at the right time.

This is where project portfolio management comes into play. Yet very few organizations have mature portfolio management. Make the most of your investments with our project portfolio management training. You will learn how to manage a set of projects in a structured and effective way to generate value for your organization.



Jean-Noël Routhier, MGP, PMP

With more than 20 years of experience in training and consulting in project management, Jean-Noël Routhier has successfully piloted many complex projects. He has the expertise to help professionals, executives and business leaders acquire the tools they need in major project management. With a master’s degree in project management and a PMP® certification, Jean-Noël has been offering this specialized course in complex project management for 15 years, which has proven itself with hundreds of participants better equipped and better performing in their duties.

Claude Palmarini

Claude Palmarini, PMP

Claude Palmarini has more than 25 years of experience in team management, business analysis, transformation, and project management. She has led numerous teams in complex projects where she has demonstrated her collaborative spirit in the search for solutions. Curious and organized, she pushes the reflection on the positive effects of the implementation of a great project management, both at the level of the company and the mobilization of resources. A natural popularizer, Claude joins the participants using concrete and adapted examples to benefit people from different backgrounds.

Training objectives

Enable participants to have a structured and integrated portfolio management procedure

Understand the tools and benefits of portfolio management

Be able to select and prioritize the projects that bring the most value to your organization

Target audience

This portfolio management training is for any executive who wants to get a realistic picture of their organization’s projects and anyone with the responsibility to plan and lead a portfolio of projects of varying complexity and scope.


Private portfolio management training takes place at your offices or the place of your choice (e.g., dedicated conference room).

Also available online.

Training Program

The training is of varying duration and focuses on the immediate implementation of the theory on portfolio management.

  • Personalized presentations for your business presenting advanced notions and concepts in project management

  • Application of complex project management procedure in a context familiar to the participant

  • Input from other participants and teamwork

  • Trainer’s support and additional information

Provided Material

Participants must have access to a computer to use the tools needed for portfolio management training. During the portfolio management training, we provide the following materials to each participant:

Trainer’s presentation document

Printed copy of trainer’s presentations

Portfolio management exercises

Tools and templates


Portfolio trainer’s experience

Template and tools included

Personalized coaching by the trainer in the month following the training to answer your questions about the further management of your business portfolio

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