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GPBL Projectwise offers you complete expertise in project management, program and portfolios. Get their expertise and you will quickly see the impact on your projects!

Benoît Lalonde, MGP, MBA, PMP, CPM, OPM3, RMP

Business consultant
Senior Partner of GPBL Projectwise

For more than 30 years, Benoît Lalonde has used his background in project management and organizational transformation to help companies create value. Its professional mission is to lead the leaders of organizations towards performance through an alignment between strategy and execution. His area of expertise covers private companies, municipalities and public and parapublic institutions.

Founder of GPBL Projectwise, Benoît uses all his expertise to prepare business leaders to achieve their goals in a changing and competitive environment. It offers personalized support for the project, program and portfolio management professionals. Its bespoke interventions are tailored to the industry and the challenges of each company. However, they have one goal: to deliver better performance by focusing on good projects, program and portfolio management practices.



You want to:

  • Know the current maturity of your project management business
  • Know how you are positioning other organizations in your industry
  • Get a concrete action plan to structure continuous process and performance

Did you know that companies typically make 60% of their strategy statement? Problems related to project planning and delivery, programs and project portfolios are the main barriers encountered.

With the OPM3-based maturity diagnosis, you’ll be able to know your level of performance in project organizational management in five effective steps:

  1. Start-up meeting
  2. Data collection
  3. Workshop to prioritize areas for improvement
  4. Executive report and action plan
  5. Training and coaching

What we offer:

  • Analysis of available documentation
  • Online questionnaire
  • Compilation and analysis of responses
  • Focus group strategic
  • Focus group project
  • Preliminary and final report
  • Presentation


You want to:

  • Make sure you are doing the “right projects”
  • Optimize the use of your financial, human and material resources.

Do you do the “right projects” that are related to your company’s vision, mission and strategic objectives? In today’s ever-changing environment and increasing fierce competition, project selection is of capital importance.

A good portfolio management will help your organization better select and prioritize projects to achieve balance. An asset to manage risk and resources to create value.

What we offer:

  • Aligning the portfolio with the strategic plan
  • Analysis and validation of the planning cycle
  • Development of the project portfolio management process
  • Development of project portfolio governance elements
  • Personalization of project portfolio management tools


You want to:

  • Creating value for your organization
  • Optimize the profits generating by your business projects

Program management speaks to you? At GPBL Projectwise, we offer to guide you in using the knowledge and skills necessary for the success of your programs for business project management.

Through a well-established process and tools, your organization will be able to leverage the management of its programs for increased profitability. Because you can deliver even more value!

What we offer:

  • Defining the structure of the programs
  • Identifying the criteria for creating a program
  • Program lifecycle development
  • Development of program management process
  • Development of program governance elements
  • Creation of program management tools


You want to:

  • Uniform the way your business is done in project management
  • Focus on the flexibility and adaptability of the approach to stay flexible in your processes while having tools tailored to the scale of your projects

Do you follow your intuition when it’s time to manage a project? Whether it’s organizing an event, developing a new product or implementing a new system, basic (or advanced) project management concepts are essential to achieving satisfactory results from one project to another.

Discover the right approach to project management and aim for the balance of the double triple constraint with personalized support.

What we offer:

  • Project lifecycle development
  • Development of project management processes
  • Development of an action plan for the implementation of the method
  • Development of project governance elements
  • Creation of project portfolio management tools


You want to:

  • Focus on what you do best in your organization
  • Faster and more efficient

The competition is strong. How quickly your organization makes and executes decisions becomes a powerful asset. What are your strengths and what needs to be improved to set you apart?

Improve your project, program and portfolio management processes with good advice. We’re here to guide you and help you excel where it counts.

What we offer:

  • Tools to facilitate fluid and functional decision-making
  • Development of governance elements
  • Development of progress communication processes


You want to:

  • Deepen your knowledge as a manager or business leader
  • Develop a global strategic vision

It is estimated that 9,9% of every dollar is wasted because of poor performance. The solution to it? Good strategic planning tied up with the project portfolio.

Our individual coaching program promotes optimized decision-making in a project context to help you achieve a whole new level of performance. It’s up to you!

What we offer:

Strategic coaching in various areas:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Project portfolio management
  • Management of a project office
  • Project information management

Other expertises

GPBL Projectwise is also a recognized expertise in:

  • Strategic thinking
  • TRIMA Assessment inventory 
  • Documentary management system
  • Setting up a project office
  • Project risk management
  • Change management

Discover our training in project management and preparation for the PMP® certification exam.

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