Establish an action plan for the years ahead

Through a dynamic and participatory approach, the strategic planning exercise will help determine the direction that your organization wants to give its operations and projects. Careful strategic thinking allows you to translate the mission and vision of your business into reality.


GPBL will accompany your management team in a  strategic thinking exercise (2 to 3 days) to allow optimal alignment of strategic objectives and projects within your organization. At the end of the exercise, the following elements will have been defined:

1. The mission and vision of your organization.;

2. The analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT);

3. Your strategic objectives.;

4. Your 3-year planning.;

5 Your annual plan.


▪     Mobilize all staff with a common vision and a concrete and common action plan

▪     Improve overall vision

▪     Optimize the annual project plan

▪     Better management of organizational capacity