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Our company


To contribute to improving the performance of organizations and individuals in organizational project management.


To stand out as the benchmark, as an innovative company integrating a full range of services in organizational project management.



GPBL places human values above all other values. We pay special attention to the well-being of our customers and our employees, and favour relationships based on trust and genuine assistance.


GPBL does not offer generic services or solutions to its customers. With the intention of responding to our client’s specific needs, we rely on our flexibility and versatility to create products and services tailored to their business environment and the human dimension of their organization.


GPBL’s services consistently exceed expectations because they are based upon the principle of excellence, both in terms of the quality of our work and our customer service.


Collaboration and mutual assistance enable us to offer our clients results based on a commitment to excellence. GPBL recognizes that its success depends on the synergy of forces of brought by each individual and on the sharing of this combined knowledge.


GPBL’s commitment to its clients and colleagues is to execute its mandates in compliance with schedules and deliverables that meet quality criteria, always in accordance with its mission to improve the performance of organizations and individuals in organizational project management.


GPBL is passionate about project management and its team of experts is extensively involved in the field.  GPBL therefore fulfills its various mandates with energy and conviction.

PMP®Exam Prep (Version anglaise)PMP®Exam Prep (Version anglaise)

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